Monday, November 18, 2013

E-Z DIY Christmas ornaments with Sticky Sticks!

CHRISTMAS IS A LITTLE OVER A MONTH AWAY!  Do you need some quick and easy ideas for Christmas ornaments?  These are great little projects for kids and moms alike!  Just gather some supplies, a little bit of craft glue and you are ready to start!

I used thin wood shapes for the heads and star.  You can find these at your local craft store.

For the wings you can use a glitter cardstock like I did, or just a plain or colored cardstock.
To make the wings, fold the cardstock in half and draw wings on one side.  Cut them out, open them up and set aside until you are ready to adhere them to the back of the angel.

Remove the release paper on the top of the stick and adhere the wood circle for the head. Wrap the stick with the jute twine or with the tinsel chenille stem.  Adhere with a bead of glue as you wrap to secure.

I used an ink pad and wedge sponge to add some color to the edges of the wood.  This is optional.  I found the wedge sponges in the beauty section of the Dollar Store!

You can apply tiny dots of black acrylic paint on the face for eyes and red for the mouth.  I would use a toothpick.

Arms:  Cut a 5" piece of jute twine; tie a knot in the center.  Adhere the tails to the back of the angel.

Apply  powder blush to the cheeks.  Refer to the photos given, bend the chenille stem into a halo and cut off the excess.  Adhere to the top of the head.  Bend another piece into a bow shape for the wings.  Adhere to the angel's back as shown.

I have one more idea for you!  This involves knotting 10" ribbon lengths in the middle and gluing each knot to the stick.  Layer them from the top, under the angel's chin, one under the other, adhering to the front of the angel. For the arms:   Knot a 5" piece of ribbon in the middle and adhere the tails to the back of the angel. Glue the wings to the back, over the ribbon tails. Glue the knot (hands) in the front over the tinsel wreath. Make the wreath and the halo by bending the stem into a double circle and securing the ends.  Trim excess.

If you have any questions, please leave us a message.  We like to hear your ideas too!  

Have fun with these ideas and use your imagination for different colors and papers!  

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